Experience an Eargasm

Given the task of developing and identity system for any event possible. I focused on the idea of crafting one specifically for a digital rave within the Metaverse.


SparkAR, Blender, C4D, Figma, Spline

Project Type

Branding, Solo Project


Spring 2023, 4 weeks.

How does it feel to eargasm?

I used 3D typography to recreate the dynamic feel of a digital rave in a three-dimensional space. Additionally, I integrated earwax imagery to enhance the auditory theme and create a captivating and immersive atmosphere.

Breaking the sound barrier.

Adjusting to surrounding light.

Intuitive 360° View.

Solidifying a visual identity.

To capture the sensations of attending a rave, I took into account the various elements and assets that work in tandem to create the overall experience.

Interchangeable logotype.

Displayed on static content.

By creating a cluster of poster assets, I divided the information into two distinct iterations. While each poster functions independently, the combination produces a more extensive visual identity.

Displayed on you.

Given that the entire experience takes place on a digital platform, it is crucial to establish a parallel strategy for promoting this content through a digital platform.

Displayed on screen.

Designing advertisements is a way to promote and poke viewers' curiosity, encouraging them to attend the event.

Translating the physical to digital.

I designed a kinetic version inspired by the appearance of a traditional music festival ticket pass. Attendees can permanently store this memento in their digital wallet.

This project was my first take of rendering graphics and crafting three-dimensional mockups using Blender. It was an incredibly enriching experience, both in terms of learning and personal enjoyment as I pushed myself to overcome challenges. Looking back, I regret not persisting with the concept of this project further, particularly in exploring the potential of physical computing to create a fully immersive 360-degree experience, rather than solely focusing on its branding elements.